About Us

Warrington Advanced Motorists was formed in 1979 and is a Registered Charity (Reg No. 1048554) whose sole purpose is to promote road safety and to assist members of the public improve their driving/riding by preparing them for the IAM’s Advanced Driving or Riding Test.

Our members are all keen drivers/riders who have passed their Advanced Test themselves and want to help other people achieve the same, having seen the benefits it gives as a road user.   We are not speed freaks but do expect SAFE progress to be made where possible.  With the aid of the IAM RoadSmart Course Logbook included in the packaage if you join, there is a wealth of knowledge and experience we can pass on to improve your driving/riding.

As a Registered Charity we are TOTALLY run by volunteers, nobody within our organisation is paid for the services they provide.

We have a Car Section and a Motorcycle Section, both with very good track records in preparing people for the Advanced Test.