Photo of Alan Domville
Alan Domville

The following are the reminiscences of our former President,¬† Alan Domville, who for many years¬† was the writer behind the popular motoring column in the Warrington Guardian, Warrington’s weekly newspaper.

Here, in an exclusive set of articles originally published in our regular newsletter, he recalls the highs and lows of his long and colourful career driving and writing about many of the cars on our roads today and in former times.

He has kindly allowed us to publish them here in a collection of stories recalling the adventures and experiences of a motoring journalist and the many larger-than-life characters he met in the motor industry and in the places he visited while writing for the Warrington Guardian.

* Pets & Mascots (October 2018)
* Mistakes in Articles that get into print! (August 2018)
* Motoring Journalists vs Internet Bloggers (June 2018)
* The logistics of Car Launches (April 2018)
* Missing a Plane (February 2018)
* What is your favourite car? (December 2017)
* Going to America and ‘Thank you’ speeches (October 2017)
* Never volunteer for anything! (August 2017)
* The danger of being considered an “expert” (February 2017)
* Early all-electric Handbrakes! (November 2016)
* An accident while on a Test Drive (August 2016)
* Embargoes & Deadlines (March 2016)

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