Masters Mentoring

The IAM RoadSmart Masters standard offers the ultimate challenge for civilian drivers and riders.

Open to all current IAM members, the IAM RoadSmart Masters programme provides true “one-to-one” mentoring support and guidance that will help you to attain the highest standard of civilian driving or riding ability in the country.
IAM RoadSmart Masters Logo
Building on your skills as an existing advanced road user, the Masters programme will help to enhance and develop your ability even further.

The programme with 6 mentoring sessions included currently costs £299 for current Full IAM Members and can be purchased through this link to the IAM RoadSmart Website.

Warrington Advanced Motorists are pleased to announce that we have an established in-house Masters Mentoring Team for both the bike and car sections.    This is an exciting development within our Group that benefits not only those who are interested in taking their Masters Qualification, but also our many associates training for their Advanced Test as they will benefit from the additional expertise this will afford our existing observers.

If you opt to do your mentoring as both an exsting full IAM Member and Warrington Group Member in-house with Warrington Advanced Motorists, it gives you the benefit of having your training with someone you’ll likely already know.    Please contact us for more details if you want to follow this route.