How do we help you prepare for the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Test?

Is there a Course Booklet that gives useful information?

Yes, there is a dedicated book for either Car or Bike users that covers exactly what you need, with large clear diagrams and explanations.   It includes a marking sheet so you can see how you are progressing.

Photo of the Course Booklets

Front covers of the Course Booklets for Car (left) and Bike (right)

What’s an Observed Run?

An “Observed Run” consists of the Associate (someone who has not yet passed the IAM Test) accompanied by one of our Observers (see below) either together in the Associate’s car or being followed if on a Bike.   Guidance and advice is given during the Observed Run to help the Associate better understand and put into practice the principles of Advanced Driving.   Each run lasts about an hour and a half and includes a feedback discussion at the end of the run and advice on how to improve aspects of their driving/riding which could benefit from a different approach.

Who or what is an Observer?

Observers” are people who have already passed the IAM Advanced Test and have undertaken further training and Observed Runs under supervision within the Group to ensure they have the required skills to pass on the relevant advice and suggestions.  These people have been examined and tested against an IAM National Observer Qualification Scheme which is accredited and monitored by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI – the UK’s leading organisation for training in the Motor Industry).

When and where do these Observed Runs take place?

If you drive a car, due to COVID we no longer meet at a central point. You will be allocated an Observer who will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient place and time for your observed drive.

If you ride a bike, then you will be allocated an Observer who will contact you to arrange a mutually convenient  place and time to meet up for your Observed Run.