Bike Course

So you are thinking about signing up for a Bike Course with us? What actually happens?

    • YOU will receive a pack from IAM RoadSmart containing, most importantly, your Course Booklet and contact details of your local Group (us I hope!)
    • WE will be notified by IAM RoadSmart that you have joined and giving us your details so we can contact you and discuss when we can start your course with us , and more importantly, answer any burning questions you may have.
    • WE will contact you and arrange to meet you at the Lymm Truck Stop for a first meeting.    One of our Observers will have a little chat  with you, cover a few formalities.  After that  you will lead the Observer out on a specified short route of about 20 minutes with the Observer following you to watch your riding style,  returning to Lymm Truckstop.   After a discussion on how you fared, the Observer will then lead you out on a Demonstration Ride over the same route for you to see any differences, ending up back at the Lymm Truckstop.
    • WE will then allocate you an Observer for your one-to-one preparation with who you will be expected to agree to meet up at a convenient location and day/time for your first Observed Run 
    • PLEASE NOTE: Due to the “Observer” following you on their own Bike, so they can observe your riding, they will ask for a  contribution for their fuel expenses (over and above the cost of the IAM Course itself) which will be £60 and will cover you for the first 6 Observed Runs.  For any additional Observed Runs beyond these initial 6 runs you will be asked for a further £10 per run.
    • YOU will then be able to arrange more Observed Runs with your Observer, picking up new skills and techniques as you progress through the modularised course detailed in the Course Booklet. The Observer will mark up your Course Booklet after each run, discussing the areas where you have done well and provide advice on what to read and practice before the next run.    This is done in a very friendly and relaxed manner.
  • Below is a copy of the Marking Sheet used.   Please note that not all areas of the booklet are used on the first few runs – it all builds up gradually, but at a pace to suit you.
course logbook marking sheet

Advanced Driving/Riding Course Logbook Marking Sheet

  • After a while you will be declared “Test Ready” and will be advised to apply for your actual Advanced Test and we will continue to support you during the period waiting for your Test to actually take place.   Remember that we have have a greater than 90% pass rate.

Question – How long does it take to get to Test Ready?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an straightforward answer – it depends on you, what your standard of riding is currently, and how quickly you pick up the techniques we are demonstrating.    It can be as quick as 6 runs, the average is about 10 runs, but it may be a bit longer.    We are all different of course.

I hope we have explained what happens, but if you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to contact us for help.

If you haven’t already purchased your Advanced Rider Course, then below is a link to do so now.

To go to the IAM RoadSmart website and purchase a Bike Advanced Rider Course, please click on the image below: