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Our Chairman is 1 in 15,000!

Article from IAM RoadSmart's Spring/Summer 2018 Magazine, Page 9
Andrew Bloomer’s officially 1 in 15,000.

Andrew Bloomer, our current Group Chairman, has just been recognised as one of 6 people in the whole of the IAM (that’s 1 in 15,000 IAM Members ) who has achieved all of the following:

  • National Observer for both Cars and Bikes
  • Masters with Distinction for both Cars and Bikes

This was reported in the IAM Spring/Summer 2018 edition of “RoadSmart”, the IAM’s magazine for it’s members on Page 9.

Well done Andrew – Excellent news and the Group is proud to have a such a good Driver and Rider with us!

If you want to find out more about the Masters, then please click here:

Recent New Members

Warrington Advanced Motorists are always pleased to welcome new Members to the Group who want to take their Advanced Test.  The latest new Members over the last 12 months  are:


  • Joined 24/07/2018 – Tegan Greener
  • Joined 19/07/2018 – Emma Brown
  • Joined 09/04/2018 – Michael Hughes
  • Joined 02/04/2018 – Jacob Birkenhead
  • Joined 27/03/2018 – Diane Riley
  • Joined 15/02/2018 – Philip Armstrong


  • Joined 17/06/2018 – Alan Glazer
  • Joined 16/05/2018 – George Calderbank
  • Joined 09/05/2018 – Mohammad Omar
  • Joined 06/02/2018 – Stuart Jones
  • Joined 22/11/2017 – Raymond Wright
  • Joined 15/11/2017 – Oliver Fullerton

Recent Advanced Test Passes

We are always delighted to when our people take and pass their Advanced Test, be it in a Car or on a Bike and these are our  latest Test passes over the last 12 months.


  • Passed 08/08/2018 – Mike Hughes (F1rst)
  • Passed 20/05/2018 – Tony Spagnuolo
  • Passed 04/04/2018 – Michael Boddy (F1rst)
  • Passed 31/03/2018 – Anne-Marie Ross (F1rst)
  • Passed 110/2/2018 – Sean Hooper
  • Passed 15/09/2017 – Patrick Moore
  • Passed 01/09/2017 – Nicholas Spreadbury


    • Passed 01/08/2018 – Stuart Jones (F1rst)
    • Passed 01/05/2018 – Anthony Bailey
    • Passed 07/01/2018 – Mark Griffiths
    • Passed 14/11/2017 – Tom McCann (F1rst)
    • Passed 11/11/2017 – Tomasz Hermanowicz
    • Passed  31/10/2017 – John Bellamy (F1rst)

Note that F1rst against a person’s name indicates that they have taken the IAM Advanced test for car or motorcycle and achieved a score of 1 in the vast majority of the categories which indicates “Excellence” in that category (2 is a “Pass”) so well done to those achiving their F1rst.

Up to today (09/08/2018), we have had 16 F1rst passes.

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